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Our Client Feedback

Here are a select few testimonials that can help you articulate your experience with us in your lab startup venture:

Kathryn Hamilton, PhD _ Philadelphia Regional Center for Children's Environmental Health kathryn-hamilton-e1678126871176-276x300-square-537630f72dee182f2fb5aaa104b1bc15-5fecbe389cc28

“I began working EDC early in my career on the tenure track. EDC’s coaching helped me to 1) articulate specific metrics of success for myself and my team, 2) learn to manage multiple projects effectively, and 3) clarify my short- and long- term vision for my research program and career. After coaching, I’ve been able to achieve my goals of prioritizing my time for my most impactful work while also preserving time for life outside of work.”

Kathryn (Kate) Hamilton, PhD (she/her)
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics


“From personal training to all of the logistics, EDC is an essential component of my group. You have to tap this amazing resource and start rethinking what it takes to set up, run, and maintain a successful laboratory group."

Michael Kharas, Ph.D
Assistant Member of Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


EDC was instrumental in the hiring of my first technician and in negotiating with
my hiring institution and with vendors.”

Anupama Narla, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Stanford University School of Medicine


“I feel so lucky to have found EDC during the process of applying for, negotiating, and accepting my first faculty position. EDC provided me with guidance, wisdom, and support in the early phases of setting up my laboratory. EDC was an invaluable resource in recruiting my first lab members and helped me get both the wet and the dry aspects of my laboratory set up efficiently and effectively."

Ami Bhatt, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology) & of Genetics
at the Stanford School of Medicine


“EDC’s expertise saved me a huge amount of time and also reduced my stress levels

Ann Mullally, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School


“EDC has also given me valuable advice to help with managing the people in my lab. With EDC’s help, my lab was operational much sooner than I expected. Since most new PIs are well-trained to do science but have essentially no training in lab management, I really don’t know how anyone can effectively start a new lab without EDC’s guidance.”

Kira Gritsman, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


“EDC helped me negotiate a great packages from multiple institutions. Once that
was done, he helped me set up the lab, hire and train a lab manager, and create an environment where things run smoothly and I can focus on the science.”

Amir Zarrinpar, M.D., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor, Gastrointestinal Biology
University of California, San Diego


“I was impressed with how quickly Damien demonstrated his experience as a skilled technician and his ability to manage and organize what became a rapidly growing organization. Researchers outside of our group would come to Damien asking for advice on how to start up their own labs. I saw him help with every aspect of their transition including how to hire new members, how to equip the lab, how to manage inventories and orders, and how to monitor expenditures and budgets – all aspects of running a lab that are critical for newly independent faculty but for which they are typically under-prepared to do well."

Rafael Bejar, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine Division of Hematology-
UCSD, Moores Cancer Center


"I really appreciate that I met Damien when I was about to establish my lab. He kindly shared all the experiences of how he helped junior faculty start their independent research program. The inspirational conversations and constructive suggestions in every single meeting with him aided me in building up an overall blueprint for my lab."

Guan-Yu Xiao, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Toxicology and Cancer Biology,
University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center


“The wish list EDC helped me to put together was so comprehensive and well thought out – not only did it impress the faculty members I was working with on my start-up package, but also it served as a perfect blueprint for the laboratory setup.”

Christine Fillmore Brainson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Toxicology and Cancer Biology,
University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center


“It is tremendously exciting and a great privilege and responsibility to be given the freedom to explore new areas of science. Keeping this as the primary driver of one’s efforts is a challenge, and EDC’s insights on maintaining the focus on one’s scientific goals were hugely valuable.”

Charles Kaufman, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Division of Oncology, Washington
University School of Medicine in St. Louis