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EDC has built labs for over 7 years. We offer a broad range of services, tools, and expertise tailored to your stage in your career; from just starting to lab expansion.

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Finding the Pain Points

At EDC, we conduct research to find and highlight the greatest stress on life science. From following the latest trends to listening to our clients, we stay deeply in touch with the struggles of biomedical researchers. Select the button below to find out where EDC could help you best.

Young scientists spend only 38% of their time on research.
Researchers are spending 20% of their time teaching, 11% performing administrative tasks, and 5% in data storage. We work to cut all of those in half.
Too many researchers vying for too few dollars.

“In the United States, for example, funding success rates for all age brackets are less than half what they were in 1980, so researchers have to spend more
time seeking funds. That burden falls most heavily on new faculty members. Extreme competition means that researchers have little time for anything not directly tied to getting ahead. That makes them conservative rather than ambitious.”

Spending is on the rise.

Medical science and biological science spending were just below $20B and slightly above $10B respectively in 2014.




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The decision making process is a painful and consequential one. Our coaching methods prepare you mentally for a graceful navigation of the choices that come with lab management.


Meeting an institution at the bargaining table often comes with great anxiety. With EDC’s proven tools and negotiation tactics, we will work to secure the package that best fits your needs or your money back.


Your time is valuable to us and we have worked with numerous labs in saving as much time as possible. Consider our operations package for tools and methods designed to get you back in the lab.


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Make Your Own Opportunities

“Manage to make science easier!

That has been my tagline ever since I started consulting. It took me a few months to come up with one unifying objective. As a manager, this became my focus for helping science.

The book by Simon Sinek, Start with Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, helped me to formulate this unifying idea of management and its core purpose.

I want to make the process of scientific discovery easier, because I believe in science.


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