What would move you move out of your comfort zone?

In 2007, I heard a talk by Eric Lander, president and founder of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the time, I didn’t realize how much that talk would influence my career. Afterwards I ended up moving from 365 days of warm sunny Southern California weather to 5-6 months of cold New England climate to work at the Broad Institute.

What struck me about Eric Lander’s talk was the way he passionately communicated his science. This was something that I seldom saw in a scientific talk. He moved the audience to believe the pursuit of science was greater than themselves. That talk, that passion, propelled me to further my career in science.

Leaders, like Eric Lander, have a way with moving people to follow a vision. It’s an amazing skill and talent that many people struggle with. I, myself, have had my ups and downs during my twenty years of managing research groups. That journey taught me many things. Part of that has been to seek out advice, and to learn from the lessons of others.

To continue on that journey, I’ll be interviewing leaders in science today to hear about their journeys, in hopes of learning from them. I am going to be hosting these interviews as a radio podcast show so you can join in on the conversation.

We learn about the great work these scientists do by reading their publications. However, sometimes we don’t fully grasp what it takes to actually produce great science. Nor do we realize what it takes to lead the team of talented individuals that produce that science.

On the show, we’ll learn from some of the great leaders in science. We’ll speak with principal investigators, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other managers to get their perspective on what it takes to lead a team of highly technical and innovative individuals.

We’ll explore their philosophies, strategies, and the tools they’ve utilized to help them lead their teams to success. We’ll ask them what trials and tribulations they themselves have faced, or have seen others face.

Hopefully this radio podcast will shed some light for the rest of us as we begin our own leadership journey in the life science.

So please join the conversation and listen to the podcast, beginning this Thursday, February 5th. Every week we’ll be interviewing another leader in the life science field to listen to their journey.

If you have questions, ideas, or suggestions about leadership in life science, please leave a comment and let me know. If you have a great mentor or leader that you’d love to have on the show, please feel free to volunteer them to share their journey of what it takes to become a life science leader.