So in an attempt to reach a broader audience of young great independent scientists, I’m taking to the online webinar medium. I’ve been putting on seminars to help promote better management strategies for new and established academic researchers. While this allows me to really connect with those who I’m trying to help, it’s seems such a slow process. Webinars seem to offer a broader reach. I’m going to be promoting some webinar series that offers tips and tricks in managing funds and resources within your new lab along with the option for some advanced training.

Time is running out for many new junior investigators as they start their lab. More time is wasted, along with money and other scientific resources. In recent NIH news, last month Genome Web News reported that the NIH will see a bump in the funding support. While this may send a sigh of relief within some of the community, this may still limit many who don’t know how to access or manage this kind of support. This is especially true with new junior investigators.

In order to get a handle on managing a successful lab practice, you need to start early. It all starts during your senior postdoctoral fellowship. It’s important to understand what you need in order to negotiate and secure an academic position. While support may get a bump, competition is increasing. Proper planning can give you that advantage which will make you a more attractive candidate and collaborator.



NIH OES report 2014

So join me in my webinar where I’ll be presenting some key tips to starting a successful lab. I’ll be covering how to negotiate a start up through developing your own budget and how to recruit a talented team and avoid less desirable slackers.


Air date: Thursday, February 20th, 2014 @ 4:00pm (EST-GMT5)