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In nineteenth-century graduate education, the student-professor relationship looked a lot like the worst kind of apprenticeship: the price of admission to the craft was to do the bidding of the master. Today, that model is as obsolete as writing a dissertation on a typewriter. The landscape of twenty-first century graduate education is much different, and so is its population. The quantity of knowledge has exploded, the boundaries between disciplines have blurred, and advances in both the resources and methods available for study and research fuel both phenomena.

The meaning of mentorship has developed over time, but three current attributes have been identified which can be fostered in leadership training.*

1.   Reciprocal Benefits

2.   Developmental Growth

3.   Consistent Interactions


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The leaders in biomedicine are often disciplined, self-learners. They believe in preparation and execution. Leadership is full of surprises and frequently untapped benefits. We are here to prevent the former and help you find the latter.


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