How we negotiated from a $1m to a $3m start up award.

There’s many ways to negotiate that can be either adversarial or cooperative. However, within a community that has a natural shared value of new scientific discoveries, those conversations can be more enjoyable rather than dreadful.

Have you negotiated your start up award already? How did that conversation go? Share your story with the rest of us.Leave a comment below.

Stop Being Selfish…during negotiations.

“Damien, you’re selfish!” said my old mentor. “For what?!” I was shocked. “You’re afraid to help the neighboring lab because what they might think of you? That’s selfish!” That was an eye opener. I was more focused on how I felt rather than focusing on how I could...
5 Ways to ask for Help [when running a lab].

5 Ways to ask for Help [when running a lab].

Do you need help? Do you know how to ask for help? I just got back from setting up another young PI. I could easily see that he was feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s not easy to start a lab. There’s so much to do. One of his major issues was trying to do all the work...