What is a budget? What does a budget mean to you?

What is a budget? What does a budget mean to you?

The word “budget” is also much too associated with negative meanings for startups, entrepreneurs, or innovative discoveries. It doesn’t take much experience to know that these exploratory ventures usually entail a large deal of “waste” from the necessary trial and error required to succeed. This strategy, however, tends to be a nightmare for accounting or financial administrators whose job is to create balanced books and sustainable practices for the business/institutes.

Time Management is a Fallacy; Focus on Mental Energy.

Your mental energy matters significantly, because knowledge work requires deep concentration and creativity. Many young research scientists struggle with time management, not only as a product of time, but that of mental energy. The cognitive load that one experiences can be tremendous, especially when it comes to intellectual focus and decision making. This is a critical resource that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The results can be catastrophic when we’re deciding whether to invest our time into completing a manuscript or completing another assay. Therefore, we need to make room to reserve our most critical thinking during times where we’re most refreshed and focused.

Easily distracted? Want to get more done? Develop Deep work habits.

4 Traits That Define A Star Technical Research Assistant.

Aside from the technical skill sets seasoned or novice research assistants can possess, they have 4 traits which can contribute to their work behaviors; motivation, mindset, perspective, and feelings. These dynamic traits can determine the productivity of your lab’s early success.