What is a budget? What does a budget mean to you?

What is a budget? What does a budget mean to you?

The word “budget” is also much too associated with negative meanings for startups, entrepreneurs, or innovative discoveries. It doesn’t take much experience to know that these exploratory ventures usually entail a large deal of “waste” from the necessary trial and error required to succeed. This strategy, however, tends to be a nightmare for accounting or financial administrators whose job is to create balanced books and sustainable practices for the business/institutes.

Want to negotiate better? Develop a big fish little pond mindset.

More than 50% of students drop out of STEM programs due to the intense ranking systems. Academic careers are marred by this effect and increasingly hold people in this mindset to feel inadequate until they’ve proven themselves. Most often this train of thought can extend well into their future career.

Stop Being Selfish…during negotiations.

“Damien, you’re selfish!” said my old mentor. “For what?!” I was shocked. “You’re afraid to help the neighboring lab because what they might think of you? That’s selfish!” That was an eye opener. I was more focused on how I felt rather than focusing on how I could...