So I’m sure that many of us in science have seen the statistics. We’re leaving in droves! At least to friendlier pastures which see the importance of our seeding efforts.  Nearly 20% of scientific researchers are considering leaving due to budgetary cuts. Fortunately for us in the US, we still rank top in the sciences for academic research in citations and reputation. We lead in quality and rigor toward our approach to scientific research.  The only problem with that is we’re not leveraging these credentials toward the right audience. These are the people who make huge political and financial decisions toward our support…or lack there of, these days.

Understandably, the country is in recovery mode from one of the most devastating financial crashes since the Great Depression, but we can’t use this as an excuse. Even during the Great Depression, science contributed to some of the greatest progress; the electron microscope, TV, airplane, radar, …life!

History serves as our teacher to help us to grow and to adapt.  In order to do this, we, like evolution, need to leverage the qualities that work in our favor. We are the leaders in science, we need to continue to show the world how to accomplish this.

I propose an effort toward educating our young research scientists to develop skill sets in public communication and leadership. Other countries are starting these types of training, but we should be the ones at the forefront of these efforts.

Our country was founded through its innovative DNA.  We must continue in that vein, like the business entrepreneurs of our country.  We can make the changes necessary to keep us at the top of break through scientific discoveries.

So please my fellow scientists, stay and fight!