Nicholas Guay-Ross

Nicholas Guay-Ross

Academic Relations Consultant

Nicholas originally trained as a chemist receiving his Bachelors of Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. He continued his professional education in a public/private initiative between universities and private pharmaceuticals, where he was first exposed to the organization and management of scientific research programs.

At the recommendation of a mentor, he moved to San Diego and worked as the lab manager for both new and established investigators exposing the many inefficiencies and issues facing academia.

With over 10 years of management experience, Nick has assisted in the resolution of various types of conflict and worked to establish multiple partnerships between researchers, labs, and companies.

Now, as part of the EDC group, he seeks to help solve the core management issues facing scientific institutions, from their faculty, down to their respective research support. By transforming the individual investigator into an efficient team leader we can continue fostering scientific curiosity and successfully realize the dream of discovery.