In this blog post, I’m going to attempt to instill how to methods of managing and training others.  A colleague of mine told me that I needed to make my blog posts less about me and more about lessons of how to do something, specifically in research management.  Well, I’m not going to lie, that stung a little, because I already thought my blogs weren’t about me.  I thought about it more and realized that my heart and my mind may have been in the right place, but my delivery and communication didn’t convey that.  That made me realize that I was doing the very thing that I teach and train other managers NOT to do.  Don’t assume your ideas are being effectively communicated. So, I encourage every one to think about how they train others and how they can improve communicating their lessons.


Here’s five “how to…” pointers about teaching and training directs/ students;

  1. Ask questions.  Ask what do they already know and what do they not understand.  This will ensure that you’re communicating necessary information and not wasting their time or yours.
  2. Have a dialogue.  Ask for contributions and thoughts about the lessons given. The more they’re engaged in the discussion, the more BOTH of you will learn.
  3. Have them repeat it. Ask them to restate what you’ve just taught them. Have them put it in their own words. This way you’ll be sure that they understand what you’re teaching.
  4. Teach to teach. After they’ve learned, and under your supervision, have them teach to others.  This will reinforce your lessons and also help you to develop your training methods for future directs.
  5. Solicite feedback. Remember, the only way to get better is through feedback. Ask what was good or bad about your training methods. Improve your training for the next individual/group.

So give me feedback, and let me know what you think about this or other posts. I want to know what you think about current management practices. Hearing from others will help to improve my own methods and to help others improve theirs.