As I was getting ready to start my own laboratory, I knew right away that I wanted and needed Damien’s help. I first met him in 2007 as a post-doctoral research fellow at Children’s Hospital Boston. Over the years, I witnessed the rapid expansion of Ben Ebert’s lab at Harvard Medical School and Damien was able to manage that growth every step of the way. He anticipates needs and streamlines processes so that the primary focus of everyone else in the lab can be on the science. He also has a remarkable talent for managing personalities and identifying individual strengths. I knew his unique combination of talents would be essential for me to be successful at this next stage of my career. He was instrumental in the hiring of my first technician and in negotiating with my hiring institution and with vendors. We talk regularly to review budgets and goals for the lab which has been essential for the ongoing success of the lab. I can’t imagine going through this process without the help and support of Damien.

Anupama Narla, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Stanford University School of Medicine